Home Improvement Shows no Sign of Slowing Down – Find out Why

Home improvement projects show no sign of slowing down despite the economic downturn. Never before have so many homeowners wanted to harness their creativity and work on their own homes to make them more attractive and comfortable. People have always enjoyed home improvement, but the trend of sustainability, new channels of information, and more affordability have made it more popular than ever before. According to Marketing Charts, the home decor market exceeds $65 billion per annum. 

In Trend: Environmentally-Friendly Home Improvement

The increasing interest in sustainability is another tendency spurring home décor industry growth. According to a study by Harvard, homeowner improvement spending will grow at 3.5% a year. One reason the authors of the study attribute this to is the quest for greater energy efficiency. Improving insulation to prevent heat loss and installing energy efficient appliances are both popular measures.

Smart Packaging Spurring Sector Growth

Most of us can’t afford to hire professional repairmen and designers, but “big box” stores have our back. Warehouse-type providers place everything we need for a major project in the same location. What is more, they package goods in ways that appeal to amateur painters and novice carpenters, which is what most buyers are. For instance, they package paint kits with pans, rollers, tarps, and brushes all in one box. This is very convenient for DIY enthusiasts who want to save money by buying packages and aren’t sure what is needed for each job.

The Risks 

Many homeowners decide to try their luck with DIY despite the risks. For one, it’s tempting to take on a big project. It’s often the case that you don’t end up completing it, either because it’s too hard or emerges to be too expensive. At any rate, the best home décor and home improvement projects are ones that you can finish in a few weeks or less. The most popular projects involve adding noticeable visual appeal, such as yard work, painting, trim, and molding. 

Many DIY’ers turn to experts for help with part of a job and do everything else on their own. For example, they will get a mason to install drywall, but paint it themselves. This way, they stretch their home décor budget.

Higher Potential Sales Revenue

Another reason home improvement is showing no sign of slowing down involves sales prospects. A home’s appearance is the first factor increasing value and sales potential. A new roof, fresh paint, and a beautiful lawn or garden are all simple ways to increase curb appeal if you plan on selling your home.

A More Pleasant Experience 

Sometimes people make changes even though everything is functioning just fine. It is never a bad idea to have new plumbing or new lighting installed. Indoor lighting is everything for people who spend a lot of time looking at themselves in the mirror. Outdoor lighting can give our home a dazzling and attention-grabbing appearance. A vast palette of customized lights for every taste and budget is available from companies like Neon Signs Depot

Improving Your Home for Your Kids

Normally, people with small children aren’t thrilled about the idea of moving. Moving with kids is complicated and downright unpleasant, what with having to change schools and dealing with their despondency over leaving friends behind. People invest in home décor to make their home better because they do not want to move. 

Kitchen Remodeling: Where the Heart Is

For many homeowners, the kitchen is a gathering point. This is the room where people spend most of their time. Get a new stove, a degreaser, or a new fridge or new cabinets installed to make your kitchen more appealing and functional. 

Remodeling because of Remodeling 

Magenta walls – what were we thinking?! And what about the dirt brown countertops in the kitchen? In other words, we remodel because we don’t like the results of our last remodeling. The good news is it doesn’t cost much to paint walls over or put in new countertops. 

Purchasing a New Home is Stressful

It can be time-consuming and stressful to look for a new home. A lot of people decide to upgrade their kitchens or bathrooms instead of spending years looking for the perfect new place to live. 

Improving Basement Functionality 

The basement and cellar weren’t meant to serve as storage units forever. Make efforts to convert them to usable spaces. If your cellar is large, you can add a window and closet and use it as a guest bedroom or a hobby space. This will increase your home’s overall value. 

Words of Warning 

Home improvement will never slow down because it adds value to a home. However, do make sure you are aware of the costs involved before you start. Proper budgeting should always be the first step. It never hurts to plan for surprises, such as coming upon tube wiring in what began as a banal lighting project.

Lara Douglas is a young woman who loves interior designing and home decor. She is passionate about new trends and fashion forward home décor ideas. She regularly posts at Neon Signs Depot.